© Scott Seating Limited 2011 Loose Seating Options Model 5300 VIP Upholstered seat and back, Inter bracket ganging, Ultra flex elastic seat webbing, Uplift seat and Black ABS plastic frame Options Inter bracket arms, Embroidered or silk-screened logos, Inter bracket cup holders and Weather Fighter outdoor treatment Model 4000 Uplift seat, Upholstered seat and back, "K" Brace, 1.5" seat cushion, 7/8" back cushion and Oval marking decal Options "A" or "B" back, Inter bracket ganging, Auto-Spring uplift seat, Erect pitch and Weather Fighter outdoor treatment Model 3000 Upholstered back, 7/8" back cushion, Upholstered Seat and 2.5" seat cushion OPTIONS Inter bracket ganging, Tablet arm, book rack, erect pitch, "K" Brace and Weather Fighter outdoor treatment. Model 2000 Steel Back, Wood seat (shown) and Upholstered 1" seat OPTIONS Inter bracket ganging and Embossed back Storage System This is a hanging chair system compatible for most models. Dollies Constructed of heavy duty steel, this dolly transports up to 21 Stratus stack chairs. Scott Seating Limited