© Scott Seating Limited 2011 Sports Hall Seating Options Maxam Plus tiered platforms Hussey Courtside Bench Set your gym apart from the crowd by offering truly comfortable bleacher seats. Hussey’s backrests and seat spacers are just the ticket for seating spectators in comfort and style. When you specify MAXAM, you get seating performance that exceeds expectations. No one offers a broader range of features, accessories and engineering options to meet your seating needs than your Hussey dealer. No one knows more about maximising our capacity and muti-use adaptability Retractable seating solutions for arenas Retractable seating is proving to be very popular as the benefits include increasing the versatility and maximising the utilisation of available space. We can provide retractable seating systems that are fixed, fold away into an alcove / recess, mobile or travelling units to give the specifier and customer the most effective solution when looking at their particular space. By selecting the appropriate platform system you will then be able to view the chair types available. Fixed seating solutions for arenas We offer a broad range of fixed seating solutions for schools which can include fixed tiering structures as well as the individual seats themselves. We offer a comprehensive range of seats whether the requirement is for a plastic injection moulded seat or a fully upholstered theatre standard chair. The products we provide are manufactured from high quality materials which will enhance the environment of the space where the seating is installed. Scott Seating Limited