© Scott Seating Limited 2011 Scott Seating Ltd was formed to supply Hussey Seatway Ltd, a UK company specializing in ‘theatre quality’ telescopic seating, and the Hussey Seating Company of Maine, USA, the worlds best known producer of telescopic seating and fixed sports seating for arenas, multi-purpose halls and stadiums in the island of Ireland. We offer a full range of flexible seating products that manage and engineer space within your facility. With the UK design team and the HUSSEY HQ in Maine, we have access to a powerful combination of competitive production techniques, global procurement and European design. CUSTOM DESIGN Each project or commission we undertake is custom designed to suit all aspects of the planned facility and so will be unique. Our range of  telescopic seating and theatre chairs are original, innovative and deliver low, lifetime costs to the operator. CONCEPTS We have the services of a creative design team with immense experience that is open minded and receptive to new concepts and ideas. We like being challenged and are happy to tackle difficult and demanding projects. SOLUTIONS We are seating solutions experts and the directors, Stephen Brackley and David Black are acknowledged experts in the design and use of fixed and telescopic seating systems. The Hussey Seatway team of engineers and project managers have collectively over 150 years of experience providing seating solutions. Recently we have provided custom projects to; Roe Valley Centre        National basketball Arena   Sligo Arts Centre Beltable theatre           Ballina Arts Centre             Townhall Theatre Play House Derry         St Marys School Mallow      St Marys School Trim Dublin City University   The Venue Ratoath             Shoreline Leisure The Watershed Kilkenny     St John’s Theatre Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre Scott Seating Limited