© Scott Seating Limited 2011 Hussey  Quattro  Designer Chair High style —a beautifully finished outer back and clean European lines give the designer series an exquisite look. Ideal for suites, corporate settings, performing arts theatres or lecture theatres Hussey Quattro Nostalgia The Quattro Nostalgia standard provides design lines of the golden live performance era. The decorative cast steel end standard can be customized with a logo or design to meet you architectural requirements. The scrolled wood armrest provides a fine finish detail to enhance the overall look of days gone by Hussey Quattro Classic  Stylish and durable the Quattro classic combines the clean lines and contemporary style of a fine upholstered chair with a highly durable moulded plastic back for easy maintenance and long-term peace of mind. a proven classic — handsome, comfortable and alwaysreliable, this versatile chair is equally at home in schools,sporting and multi-purpose facilitie Theatre Seating Options Sleek, slim and easy to install, the Metro™ line is a giant leap towards getting the most out of our facility. Available in both telescopic and fixed versions Metro allows perfect continuity throughout a facility. Metro features whisper quiet seat operation and fits in an amazingly tiny 5 1/2" (140 mm) stored envelope. Hussey Metro Chair TP System A premium, theatre-quality, high performance, retractable (telescopic) seating platform system that is custom-engineered to suit specific spaces and designs. The system features unrivalled stability and level of finish, ease of use and value for money. This product is often specified for use in drama areas in educational environments Arts A premium, fully upholstered, nose mounted chair that is designed with shaped lumbar support that promotes good posture and makes Arts an exceptionally comfortable chair to meet the needs of a theatre audience. The chair can be customised to meet the clients/architects requirements Scott Seating Limited